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次に、サッカーをチームゲームという観点から、より強いチーム作りには何が必要なのかを、従来型のアプローチにはない、まったく新しい「VIVO CODE」という理論を立ち上げ、さまざまな角度からの分析を試みます。


Through the common global medium of soccer, this publication aims to be a vehicle that helps nurture the minds and bodies of children, not treating soccer as just another sport but from the viewpoint of an organized game that people play, presenting hints for how to rear the next generation of talent.  

Our content will first focus on soccer players who are active both in Japan and overseas, introducing their ways of thinking and how they govern their minds. Through community-based games and living as one within that community, we will learn the art of living more strongly.  

Next, from the standpoint of soccer as a team sport, we will look at what is necessary to create a stronger team. We will approach this not in a traditional way but will launch a completely new “Vivo Code” theory, attempting to analyze from various angles.

Thirdly, with regards to how people sustain and enhance their own health, we plan to report about the hands-on health management methods of athletes, who, it is said, “have everything invested in their bodies”.


小松孝 写真

小松孝(Komatsu, Takashi) 1965年横浜生まれ

共同通信社(Kyodo News)や米ダウ・ジョーンズ社(Dow Jones)などでの勤務経験後、2005年に独立。現在は、作家・ジャーナリストとして活動中。

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